The Research


Scientists have learned a great deal about the planet, ecosystems and particularly forests in the last few decades. Here are some of the resources used in the making of this film, from our expert scientists and others working hard to help the planet.

Forest-clearing to create early-successional habitats: Questionable benefits, significant costs

Proforestation: What it is and why it matters

Mapping carbon accumulation potential from global natural forest regrowth

Climate Action is not enough

Carbon sequestration and biodiversity co-benefits of preserving forests in the western United States

Intact Forests in the United States: Proforestation Mitigates Climate Change and Serves the Greatest Good

Focus on the role of forests and soils in meeting climate change mitigation goals: summary

Meeting GHG reduction targets requires accounting for all forest sector emissions

Battling “The Empire” of Gang Green Collaborators, Timber Industry, and Trump’s Forest Service in the North Cascades

Large Trees Dominate Carbon Storage in Forests East of the Cascade Crest in the United States Pacific Northwest

Amid climate crisis, a proposal to save Washington state forests for carbon storage, not logging

Big Money Bought the Forests. Small Logging Communities Are Paying the Price.

Removing carbon from the atmosphere is expensive. Forests do this work for free,

if we let them grow.

Happening Now

Ten golden rules for reforestation to optimize carbon sequestration, biodiversity recovery and livelihood benefits

The world has lost one-third of its forests, but an end of deforestation is possible

The World Must Protect 30% of Land and Oceans by 2030. Is It Possible?

Dynamics of Large Corporate Forestland Ownerships in the United States 

Ecologists thought America’s primeval forests were gone. Then Bob Leverett proved them wrong and discovered a powerful new tool against climate change

Analysis: How ‘natural climate solutions’ can reduce the need for BECCS

How a public institute in Oregon became a de facto lobbying arm of the timber industry

Planting a mix of tree species “could double” forest carbon storage