The Temptation of Trees

The path to a thriving planet
Begins in the Forest…

Discover how growing our forests can store carbon, preserve biodiversity and protect the planet.

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of Land and Oceans

Must be Protected by

for a healthy planet

Forests matter

Carbon Capture

Natural, healthy forests capture and store far more carbon than forests managed for timber production.


Maintaining biodiversity in forests and other ecosystems is critical to avoid ecological collapse.

Climate resilience

Natural forests are better able to withstand storms, floods and drought caused by changing climate.

Protecting water

Forests are an integral part of keeping watersheds running for fish and humans.

We Have the Power to Impact Our Future.

Protecting our existing forests is the best way to capture enormous amounts of carbon from the atmosphere, preserve the biodiversity we need for our health and that of the planet, and provide resilience as climate continues to warm. We cannot replace old trees. Preserving natural forests ecosystems provides humans and animals with innumerable services. We can stop giving away our future for the profit of a few timber companies.

Happening Now

“When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.”

John Muir

Top Priorities

There are many things we can do to protect our forested lands.


Where possible, grow existing natural and near-natural forests with minimal intervention. This enables forests to evolve and adapt and achieve their potential, and protects the power of nature for the future.


Trees that regrow naturally are cost-effective and more resilient than trees that are planted. Natural reforestation after disturbances like fires, storms, or insects — or on lands previously converted to tree plantations – can optimize future ecosystem integrity.

Ecological Methods

Replacing clear cutting with more ecological methods of harvesting can dramatically improve forest health and reduce the negative impacts of timber harvesting.

Wood Recycling

Is the United States, we tear down wooden buildings and throw away the lumber. Requiring the recycling of these materials could save millions of acres of forest.

No forest biofuel

Burning wood pellets made with virgin wood returns all of the carbon stored in those trees directly to the atmosphere.

alternatives to wood

Using recycled materials, bamboo and other alternatives to wood can reduce the demand for timber.

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